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We craft fashion statements that nurture traditional craftsmanship, embodying our belief in 'Fashion with a purpose,' building a brand that resonates with purposeful elegance.

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In a world where closets overflow, and discarded clothes clutter landfills, Sana Sapra, the passionate Indo-Canadian founder of the brand ‘World Of Folklore,’ is on a mission to transform the fashion narrative. Recognizing the environmental toll of the industry, she champions circular fashion, redefining the entire model with conscious design.

A true activist before being a designer, manager, or tailor, Sana believes in making a change in how fashion is created and consumed. Hailing from the culturally rich landscapes of Rajasthan, her designs embody the essence of royalty – a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Vibrant colors and lively embroidery characterize Sana’s creations, reflecting charm and culture, while embracing timeless traditions with a bold and fun infusion of colors that personify strength in personality. It’s not just about clothing; it’s a movement towards sustainable, creative, and fusion wear that harmonizes with the modern world.

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Armed with a degree in Fashion Design, Sana won many awards and accolades for her work in upcycled and ethical fashion and is the creative brain behind the brand. She got a chance to pursue her passion at Pearl Academy of Fashion, where she met many international activists and organizations working for new-age solutions in this field. She has worked as a designer for various large and small manufacturing units and design houses, including Paris fashion week designers. This exposure enabled her to develop an in-depth understanding of the wasteful processes that are standard industry practices.

The label ‘FOLKLORE’ is a blend of sustainable and exclusive high fashion. We aim to merge innovative designs with the sustainable techniques of clothing to make fashion not just chic, but also Eco-friendly. We work at re-designing, re-constructing and re-cycling good quality second-hand clothing and industrial waste. We make sure every product has its own identity–in terms of cut, fabric, and color redefining the entire concept of individuality–just like you! This also ensures that no 2 garments are the same – they can be cut from the same pattern but the raw materials will always be different.

Are we?

“We at FOLKLORE firmly believe in showcasing and embracing Folk Art from various parts of the world. This is our tribute to uplifting craftsmanship.

We are not here to just make beautiful designs, we want to create value, and we are here to re-invent the ways to re-design, re-construct and recycle!”

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