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World of Folklore

Welcome to the World of Folklore, a boundary-defying haven where the rich tapestry of global craftsmanship intertwines seamlessly with the ethos of the world. At Folklore, we redefine international aesthetics by infusing the essence of Indian textiles and craftsmanship into creations that resonate worldwide. Our mission is rooted in a profound belief in conserving the world’s finest handcrafting skills, with a vision to showcase these treasures on a global stage, encapsulating the essence of folklore designs. Here, we aim to narrate diverse Folklore Tales through the medium of fashion.

The Strength

Our expertise lies in harmoniously blending traditional sensibilities with modern aesthetics, incorporating prints, embroidery, and art forms into trendy wear. Tailored for the dynamic 20-50 age group, our creations are multifunctional, offering versatile looks that embody the label’s commitment to adaptability.

The Label of Best Fashion Luxury Brand

Folklore aspires to be the epitome of a Fashion Luxury Brand, showcasing craftsmen and art through innovative, sustainable, and affordable clothing. Sana Sapra, a contemporary designer with a passion for creativity and traditional designs, draws inspiration from Royalty. Evident in her vibrant color choices and lively embroidery. Her designs effortlessly fuse timeless traditions with a bold touch, radiating strength in personality.

About Folklore Design

Folklore Designs embody Sana’s free-spirited and Bohemian philosophy, seamlessly blending fusion wear with the modern world. As an Air France Paris Fashion Week Winner. Sana curates collections with deep reverence for women. Who share a love for fashion, offering experiences that bring out the best in each individual. The hallmark of Folklore Collections lies in the exquisite play of colors and intricate artwork, often inspired by lesser-known tribal Folk Arts, championing traditional craftsmanship.

Indo-Canadian duo Sana Sapra and her mother, Anu, collaborate to create beautiful sustainable fashion wear. Anu, an XLRI Alumni and MSC from Case Western, USA, with over 25 years as a Management Consultant, serves as the CEO at Folklore. This well-traveled, individualistic, and fashion-forward mother-daughter duo brings modern and minimalistic designs rooted in tradition beyond geographical boundaries.

Explore the Folklore Designs Collection 2024, featuring designer wedding gowns, tops, maxis, and lehengas. Each piece reflects the label’s commitment to timeless elegance, cultural richness, and global appeal. Step into a world where fashion transcends boundaries, and every creation tells a captivating story of craftsmanship and creativity. 

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