World of Folklore

World of Folklore is a label that presents India’s rich craft encapsulated in global contours. We at Folklore interpret international aesthetic using Indian textiles and craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from our traditional background, in making a product. That bonds with people, wherever in the world it is placed. The brand was born from the deep belief of its founders, to conserve the finest handcrafting skills available in India. And to promote the “Made in India” products on the global stage. Folklore designs best bridal dresses collection in Toronto – Delhi – New jersey – Dubai.

The strength

The strength of the label lies in the ability to marry traditional Indian sensibilities and aesthetics while keeping the modern context alive. Since its inception the label has worked intensively with prints, embroidery and the ability to promote art. forms into prints has been the strongest USP of the label. Which is translating as extremely trendy wear. With the target age group between 20-50 yrs the label has worked to make multifunctional silhouette that can give various look.

The label

The label ‘World Of Folklore’ vision is to be the best Fashion Luxury Brand showcasing craftsmen and art by merging innovative designs with sustainable technique of clothing to make fashion not just chic, but also Eco-friendly and affordable.

Sana Sapra is a contemporary designer with a passion for creativity, colours and traditional designs. Growing up in Rajasthan – the land of camels, sand dunes and exquisite wild life her designs showcase. The essence of royalty, be it traditional or contemporary, vivid colours and lively embroidery that reflect charm and culture. Sana’s designs reflect timeless traditions with a dash of boldness and loads of fun with colours that personifies strength in personality.

Folklore designs epitomize Sana’s free spirited personality and Bohemian traits. Sana’s philosophy is about creativity with regards to the fusion wear, blending it very well with the modern world.

With a passion for Fashion, Sana Sapra who is also an Air France Paris Fashion Week Winner and a high quality designer. Who creates her collection with revere for the woman who has common love for fashion. Folklore designs fashion experiences that bring out the best in you. It blends your personality with modern, authentic and unconventional designs laden with global appeal.

Sana Sapra who lives in Canada and alongwith her Mother who is XLRI Alumni and Management Consultant in India. Together mother-daughter duo are taking their fashion label to the Global market. Both women are well-travelled, individualistic and fashion-forward. They both are Indian at heart but like to venture beyond boundaries. Their designs are modern and minimalistic, yet traditional at heart.